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Question 11

Tell the tale of a detail.

Look at me; touch me even.  Please, I beg you.  Just step closer, look inside.  I am a door handle, covered in dust.  I am unique, but few people realize my importance.  Without me, you cannot open this door, discover a new place, be carried away.  I will lead you to holy stairs, some call scala sancta.  Everyday I am passed without a second glance, but those that come inside know how special this place truly is.

Stop, let me just tell you a little story.  First, look through my handle, and it will make much more sense.  See, some people believe that those steep steps behind this door lead up to the praetorium of Pontius Pilate in Jerusalem which Jesus Christ stood on during his Passion on his way to trial.  For centuries these stairs have attracted Christian pilgrims who wish to honor Him.  These need to be climbed up with devotion, faith and passion on knees.  When you reach the top, you are faced with Him, nailed to the cross and are brutally reminded of why you are there.

Now, people do not come as often.  I’m not sure what happened, what changed.  But I’m still here, a beautifully crafted handle made of steel and glass, with layers and layers of meaning behind.  Just waiting…

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