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Question 06

What does “this” map tell you about the city of Rome?

This map shows 56 gelato shops.  Some of them I’ve been to, some I have not.  Since day one, I have had gelato everyday.  46 days.  I collect my spoon everyday, that way I have proof, and I can’t back out.  My experience of Rome has been different than anyone else’s because of this promise I made to myself.  Each day, I search out a place, no matter what.  Ideally, I try to find new places and flavors everyday, but school kind of gets in the way.  I go on adventures by myself or with friends, each day the experience is different.  By the end of this semester, I will have eaten gelato for 121 days.  What I’m going to do with that many spoons, I’m not sure, but they will serve as a memory; something very specific to my experience here.  I’ve had great gelato, I’ve had bad gelato, I’ve dealt with friendly people, and I’ve dealt with rude people (why you would work at a gelato shop and not have customer service skills still confuses me).  But all of this makes me happy. I love gelato, and I love Rome.  This is something most people never do, and I’ll be proud in the end to say I have accomplished this.  So, if you ever have gelato questions, come talk to the expert (me).

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