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Hidden Secrets of Rome

Project Description can be read here.

I view the city of Rome as a city with secrets – hidden secrets in each buildings waiting to be found. Each epiphany reveals more of the city, and changes my perception of the city itself. I had preconceived notions on many buildings in Rome; however, I continue to change how I see them. The Caracalla Baths opened my eyes to the reality of what I thought I saw. The sunlight shining on the bath’s arches and its casted shadows reminded me of Piranesi’s prison etchings. I imagined layers upon layers of arches and space. After exploration from the exterior into the interior of the baths, to my surprise, there was no labyrinth, but a huge open space. The scale of the building limited my thinking about how open it could be.

What I saw initially drastically changed the moment the ruin revealed its open spaces. Many buildings in Rome create an illusion that will be changed the moment one takes the time to explore the building. Every building has dual characteristics, one that I think it is, and one that it actually is. The baths opened my eyes and made me more aware of each building. There is always something more, even secretive, to what I perceive about buildings. The Church of Sant’Ignazio’s flat roof is seen as round. The massive Pantheon does not feel heavy once inside. The Viktor Emanuel Monument’s true scale cannot be understood from the Piazza de Popolo. Time after time, revelations are revealed after looking at a building through patience and careful analysis.