thesis studio
thesis Students pursue a final thesis design of a project of their own definition, as developed during the fall semester in Thesis Prep I and Thesis Prep II courses.
manea Matthew Carl Zbawiony: Disrupting Social Structure
Our growing integration with and dependence on the virtual world in the 21st century is juxtaposed with our increasing sense of alienation present within the cities of the physical world. While our archaic social structures and misused public spaces discourage social interaction, Social Networking Sites (SNS) promote social cohesion by lowering or eliminating barriers to social interaction. This thesis attempts to translate these elements into physical form as an investigation into what role architecture plays into the creation of environments conducive to interaction among people that do not usually interact. The insertion of participatory interventions within the Park St. MBTA station serves to disrupt the inwardly focused, standoffish behavior most prevalent within the public realm.
boyd Matt Uminski: Detroit Free Press – From Surface to Depth
From surface to depth is an architectural thesis that seeks to find a congruency between a building’s architectural surfaces and it’s spatial depth through the analysis of an existing architectural icon. This analysis intends to create a new spatial identity not only for the Detroit free press building but downtown Detroit.
boyd Anthony Louis Allegrone: Legible Structures
Developing Myron Goldsmith’s original thesis on tall building design that states, as scale changes, so too shall the structural system, this thesis proposes a tower that relates directly to lateral loading. The building is set in Chicago and is powered by wind turbines. The form of the building is derived exclusively through resistance to, and acceptance of, the wind. It is a tower of winds for the future.