Origins of Modernity
origins This seminar is intended to introduce and question early understandings of, and responses to modernism in architecture. There will be five sessions of three hours each. Reading assignments will take place prior to the first meeting.¬†General topics of the weekly seminars are given in the course schedule. Students will make one, one-hour oral presentation and are expected to submit a 3-5 page paper/outline of the topics covered for distribution to each participant. This should include bibliography. Students will then develop one of the topics presented into a term paper due at the end of the semester. The paper shall be between 3000 and 4000 words, not including footnotes and works cited. This topic may be derived from either seminar block. Each student is expected to read the secondary source material, as noted with an asterisk, each week and contribute to the seminar discussions. The texts listed serve as a point of departure only. Students should develop the reading of the primary sources with secondary source research.