architecture of architectural education
arch narrative 01 Introduction
This research-based seminar will investigate the nature of buildings used to house departments, colleges, and schools of architecture across the United States and Canada. Students will work individually on a collective project to map the history of such buildings. The intention is not only to look closely at a particular building type, but also to develop various research methods. 

02 Collection
During the first part of the quarter, students will gather information: visual, bibliographic, and other. Campus and floor plans, sections, sketches, models and photographs will be collected and organized, as will a listing of all bibliographic references. A short narrative will accompany each building to address the following: What was the intention of the architect? How has the building been used, altered, reconfigured?

03 Analysis
Once the data has been collected, students will organize and analyze the date according to criteria as developed in class. Some issues may include the following: What is the function of an architecture school building? What is the relationship to the curriculum of the school? What is the relationship to the immediate and larger context? Physical issues, like materiality, day-lighting, structure, and mechanical systems will also be discussed. Students will look to discover trends, themes and peculiarities across the range of projects.

04 Judgment
The final portion of the seminar will be a specific evaluation of one building. This will be a written document that will build upon the previous exercises and will address the question; what makes a good building for architectural education?

05 Product
The end result of the seminar will be a collectively produced book-length (and/or web-based) collection and analysis of the architecture of architectural education. The collection of research will provide a valuable database that will be available to all students.