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a door as both an object and an event

a door. an operable barrier used to cover an opening to an otherwise closed off area. an object. a familiar entity that one constantly passes by or even through and commonly disregards. yet crossing the threshold of a door, makes a door not just an object but an event.  a door becomes more then a tangible object because you interact with it, and when you do something changes.  one experiences a doorway by moving through it from one context into another. only context isn’t the only thing that changes; one’s demeanor often changes as well.

Roma has numerous monuments of sorts including churches and cathedrals which often have more then one door as an entrance allowing visitors to take notice of the experience of a door. the entrance to the church of St. Ivo by Borromini opens up into a cloister that borders a courtyard that gives one their first view of the church. St. Ivo is a beautiful church with an intricate dome that takes a moment to completely comprehend and take in. the outer door to the church is often open allowing people to wander in and for anyone that does, their experience can often be seen by their actions upon crossing the threshold. There is a moment where all conversations and thoughts stop as one looks up at the dome from the exterior and pauses to take in the beauty. the chaos that is happening on the other side of the threshold is instantly forgotten and the experience of the door is complete.