University of M: a Projective Case Study
acsa phily Recent new faculty hires and other changes in the Department of Architecture at the University of M have opened up possibilities to completely re-imagine the curriculum of the school. The Department of Architecture exists with three other departments: Landscape Design, City Planning, and Interior Design. The four departments collectively exist within the Faculty of Architecture. The restructuring affects each department and covers all aspects of the coursework, from delivery to content. The new proposal for the Department of Architecture emphasizes studio work and implores the students to take a more active role in their education. This attitude carries over into the proposal for the history and theory curriculum. The proposal was generated through discussion with various faculty members and is a direct critique of the previous curriculum in terms of delivery, content, and assessment of students. Underlying all of this was a changed understanding of the relevance of history and theory material and how this might relate to the other courses of the curriculum. This paper will discuss the working proposal for the history and theory curriculum to be implemented for the 2007-08 school year.