Truth of the Flying Pamphlet
dummy icon At one time, as everyone knows, Truth reigned over the earth. Having virtue as their guide and with the most noble of intentions, many have tried, over the course of centuries, to rediscover Truth, but unfortunately for most, all vestiges have been lost. Moved by such desires, Jove decided, as he had done in the past and for less noble causes, to descend upon earth in human form and remedy where the need was greatest. Given his overwhelming responsibilities, he was dissuaded to travel to earth in person and rather to release a parchment from the heavens upon which were indelibly etched the elements of a primitive truth. This was said and done.

Once the news was heard, all eyes fixed towards the sky, some driven by faith, others by fear. Others were moved by a desire to be the first to discover the characters of truth written on the flying pamphlet. A few set up telescopes for an even closer view. After some time, a figure was seen fluttering above the earth. As the observatories were in differing locations, some claimed the pamphlet was a square, others knew for certain it was a parallelogram. In the meantime the world became filled with astronomic-mathematical writings, each contradicting the other and each author claiming to have scientific evidence as a guide. The great pamphlet then descended to a position so as to be conveniently seen by those who were lower—the agnostics, the gnostics, and the grammarians—who soon began to speculate while the parchment turned according to various gusts of air: one saw a ‘u’ and one a ‘t’ as part of the component letters that make the characters of Truth. The parchment then descended yet again, but after each one had gained the hope of combining all the characters, an unexpected and violent gust arose from the deep grottoes and subterranean entrails of the globe, sending away the craved pamphlet. It is still going up in the air and it has not come down within reach of the eyes of man.