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Currently, we are witnessing the emergence of novel forms of architectural agency. Whereas traditionally clients and institutions dictated the frameworks and specifications within which architects operated, now new forms of design agency are emerging in which spatial, discursive and curatorial practices proactively identify and execute their own projects. At the same time, today’s practitioners and educators are developing new forms of agency by combining more traditional modes of design with skill sets from other fields. How is the architectural project redefined when anthropology, real estate development, scientific inquiry, performance, filmmaking, or activism, for example, are no longer simply metaphors, but integral parts of the architect’s intellectual and professional activities? How do we educate and train architects so that they are adequately prepared for such proactive forms of agency and expanded fields of operation?

This call for submissions is intended to build upon and extend the parameters of a previous call for submissions on Design + Theory, Design + History, Design + Technology.