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The task of the Rome segment, the most extensive of the three, is to “map” the often invisible fluid networks and processes which support urban life in Rome, using research tools, conventional maps, statistics, personal observations, interviews, etc. Some questions addressed will include: What can you find out about what gets consumed, and what gets
discarded? What comes in and what goes out? Where does it come from, where does it go? What makes Rome function as a city? Students will be encouraged to ask fruitful questions and use the information available to make meaningful observations. The outcome will be formatted as oral slide presentations and as a digital booklet.

note: this will be done in 7 groups of 2-3 people addressing the seven sustainable city themes I introduced in lecture one. A sign up sheet will be posted after return from trip south.

requirements: ppt or keynote presentations of 7 slides each due 17 November.