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Nolli Analysis

Each of you has been given a sector of the Nolli plan of Rome.  Your next assignment is analytical.  You are asked to look closely at what exists in the city.  You will notice that the city has changed in some ways since the Nolli plan was etched.  Your task is to use the Nolli plan as a guide to analyze the contemporary city.

Requirements:At minimum, five analytical drawings, A4

Analytical drawings may include the following:

  • Figure ground
  • Use
  • Construction date
  • Public / Private / Other
  • Height
  • Social Relevance
  • Historical Relevance
  • Street Names
  • Events

Assigned:23 September 2010
Due:14 October 2010


Visit: Studium Urbis, your specific quadrant of the city.

Readings: Nietzsche, Friedrich. “Uses and Disadvantages of History for Life.” Untimely Meditations. Cambridge: Cambridge UPress, 1983.

Tafuri, Manfredo. “Operative Criticism.” Theories and History of Architecture. Tr. Giorgio Verrecchia. New York: Harper and Row, 1980.