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Within the area (nolli 10) one would find many enclosed palazzi, either a result of rich, powerful families still residing in their current location or from municipal buildings that have moved in and are kept private (hence the need for front door guards). While the public of Rome walks through the streets, very few experience a majority of the area’s spaces like the vast, spacious green areas found within the bounding walls of some palazzi. This particular area is very centralized within Rome and the public suffers by only experiencing the narrow streets formed by tall, dominating facades.

As the future unfolds, the powerful families and municipal administrators continue to use their privileged power to their political advantages, thus forgetting about the city of Rome as a whole and how they might be productive to all. The year is now 2170 and the administration of Italy has kept watch of this administrative area of Rome and realizes their oversaturation of power. The Italian government ends the administrative corruption in the area, revoking the powers and restructuring Rome’s administration.

The families and municipal administration of the area have been evicted bringing forth an opportunity for a fresh start. It has been decided that this area will undergo change, allowing a new use for this area of Rome. As it was discovered, the administration and political families abused their strength and knowledge using it for unproductive reasons and it had been decided the area will be transformed into a place of learning. This once concealed area will be disclosed and transformed as a useful place not only for the students to become educated, but the renovation of the area will allow the Roman public a unique opportunity as well. The public is encouraged to become aware, interested and enlightened of the work being produced within the different areas of the school. Throughout the campus there are distinct spaces that the public can investigate to allow an interaction while being respectful and not distracting the educational process. This, in a way, is a “proactive newspaper” or source of information and interest for the public to become enlightened on the current activities taking place in Rome’s educational system.

Shown on the map, is the reconfiguration from the once closed quarters of palazzi and municipal buildings to the new, productive space of learning within Rome’s historical center. Palazzi have been opened providing space for education (for students) and investigation (for public). Public is shown on the map in red exploring the spacious campus inside and out of the buildings. Students and Faculty are shown in blue and partake in various activities within the entire space of the buildings.