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Project 01- Inverted Vedute

My typical view of Rome is at ground level where intimate alleyways greet my every turn.  A high caliber of detail exists and its many elements remind me of Rome’s authenticity.  My scale is continuously kept in check as I pass by massive columns and solid, double doors expressive of the towering trees they originated from.  Multistory buildings cast shadows throughout Rome’s grid, making my orientation of the city difficult at times.  As I twist and turn through streets, recognizable landmarks and prominent boulevards reorient me during my travels.

Nearly a completely opposite view is presented at the cupola of St. Peter’s Basilica.  I no longer perceive Rome as a city of authenticity and detail. Cobblestone roads appear to transform into typical suburban pavement and massive buildings that once guided me through Rome’s urban fabric have woven together creating unified clumps of neutral colored landscape.  The Piazza of St. Peter’s resides in my forefront, and it’s details seem to be the exception, appearing clear.  Its vast amount of space among its visitors reminds of its scale and feeling of unobstructed privacy formed by the perimeter colonnade and ground sloping down towards the center of the piazza.  The distant cityscape remains much of a blur and it’s difficult to perceive other familiar areas.  Gazing afar, few memorable buildings are discovered, but it’s enough to orient me from this new view of Rome.  To the left, the twin churches of Piazza del Popolo and to the right, the Victor Emanual Monument stands out among its surroundings.  While my perception of Rome from the view within Saint Peter’s Bascilica is not completely defined, Rome’s observed beacons reorient and remind me of the scale and detail I understand Rome to be.