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Move Your Mind

Excuse me, did you ask permission to converse?
In this alternative future, there is no more speaking your mind.  The government now controls human interaction.  Unauthorized communication leads to immediate trial and potentially to voice removal.  Over Parco Quirinale, a large glass structure has taken the place of the tree canopy and has become one of many city interaction centers where Roman citizens come to hold government approved conversations.  Constant surveillance watches for inappropriate conversations in the now almost extinct pedestrian realm.  After a sudden electrical shortage lead to the nationalization and centralization of   the electrical grid, the Banco d’Italia has turned from a bank of currency into a bank of energy, in charge of distributing energy credits.  The energy collapse has lead to a reverse in technological advancement and government sanctioned solutions have lead to the creation of a new transportation infrastructure of hanging cable-cars that run on large gears that whirl around the clock.  Cables carrying electricity, surveillance data, and communication litter the abandoned streets, gathering in large bundles and branching off to city blocks and government buildings.
Under the surface, a rebellion is brewing.  Many of the intellectuals who opposed the government control have now had their voices removed and in response a new language has developed.  From the gestures of Italian, a new, voiceless language has emerged to allow people to converse without talking.  The center for the rebellion lie hidden in plain sight at the old Teatro.  Actors may say one thing, but careful choreography of their gestures allows them to communicate a very different message right under the careful eye of the government.